TypeScript Generics. Discussing naming conventions

We can find the concept of generic types across many languages such as Java, C#. Naturally, they found their way into TypeScript. In this article, we discuss their purpose and provide various examples. We also discuss naming conventions for generics that we can stumble upon. Introducing TypeScript Generics One of the qualities that we strive […]

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TypeScript Express tutorial #13. Using Mongoose virtuals to populate documents

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Throughout this series, we’ve created some schemas and models for documents. We’ve also established ways to define relationships between them. We sometimes find ourselves needing many different properties in our documents. They sometimes overlap each other, and we might want to avoid duplicating the data in the database. Also, we might want to avoid two-way […]

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Applying SOLID principles to your TypeScript code

The SOLID principles were defined quite some time ago and are still relatable. Their goal is to make our software easier to understand, read, and extend. We accredit this concept to Robert C. Martin from his paper from the year 2000. The actual SOLID acronym was defined later, though. In this article, we go through all […]

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JavaScript testing #6. Introduction to End-to-End testing with Cypress

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So far, we’ve covered quite a lot of different types of tests. Some of them were unit tests or integration tests, where we tested a specific part of our implementation or components working together. In this article, we look into End-to-End testing and perform it using the Cypress framework. The principles of the End to End (E2E) testing The […]

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JavaScript design patterns #4. Decorators and their implementation in TypeScript

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When we are cold, we put on a shirt. If that’s not enough, we put a coat on top. Decorators work similarly. In this article, we discuss the principles of the decorator design pattern and talk about their implementation in TypeScript. We also briefly mention the JavaScript implementation of decorators using Babel. The basics of […]

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JavaScript testing #5. Testing hooks with react-hooks-testing-library and Redux

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The hooks are an exciting addition to React and undoubtedly one that helps us to separate the logic from the template. Doing so makes the above logic more testable. Unfortunately, testing hooks does not prove to be that straightforward. In this article, we look into how we can deal with it using react-hooks-testing-library. Identifying the tricky […]