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Node.js TypeScript #15. Benefits of the HTTP/2 protocol

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The HTTP protocol, having been introduced in 1991, is almost 30 years old. It went through quite a journey since the first documented version, later called 0.9. In this article, we briefly go through the history of the development of the HTTP protocol and focus on what HTTP/2 brings and how we can benefit from […]


What are symbols and how they can be useful to you

The symbol is a new primitive value introduced by ES6. It aims to provide us with unique identifiers. In this article, we explore how it works, in what way it is used in the JavaScript language and how we can benefit from that. Creating symbols To create a symbol, we use its constructor.

The function […]

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Using Push Notifications with Service Workers and Node.js

In this article, we cover another feature that we can implement with the help of Service Workers – Push Notifications. They come in handy if we need a fast channel of communicating with our users. We not only learn how to implement them in terms of code, but we also explore the User Experience side […]


React SSR with Next.js #1. Concept of Server Side Rendering & basics of routing

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In recent years, the popularity of client-side Single Page Applications skyrocketed, for various reasons. Following its principles, we build pages with the amount of interactivity that we didn’t have before. When using React to render the page the “regular” way, the server sends a blank page and the JavaScript files. By doing that, the browser […]

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Node.js TypeScript #13. Sending data between Worker Threads

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The Worker Threads give us quite exciting features when compared to, for example, child processes. In this article, we create our instances of the MessageChannel to communicate with the Worker Threads. Aside from that, we also share the data between them: it’s something that is not possible with child processes. Communicating using the MessageChannel There […]