Getting geeky with Git #4. Fast-forward merge and merge strategies

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When working with branches, we often need to synchronize our changes. When doing so, we can implement different approaches. In this article, we explain how merging works and discuss various situations. During that, we will touch on the subject of the fast-forward merging and different merge strategies. The basics of merging The job of the   command […]

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API with NestJS #9. Testing services and controllers with integration tests

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In the previous part of this series, we’ve focused on unit tests. This time, we look into integration tests. In this article, we explain their principles and how they differ from unit tests. We write a few of them using Jest to test our services. We also look into the SuperTest library to test our controllers. […]

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API with NestJS #8. Writing unit tests

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Testing our application can increase our confidence when it comes to creating a fully-functional API. In this article, we look into how we can test our application by writing unit tests. We do so by using some of the utilities built into NestJS, as well as the Jest library. If you would like to get […]

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API with NestJS #6. Looking into dependency injection and modules

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NestJS strives to focus on the maintainability and testability of the code. To do so, it implements various mechanisms such as the Dependency Injection. In this article, we inspect how NestJS can resolve dependencies by looking into the output of the TypeScript compiler. We also strive to understand the modular architecture that NestJS is built […]

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API with NestJS #3. Authenticating users with bcrypt, Passport, JWT, and cookies

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Authentication is a crucial part of almost every web application. There are many ways to approach it, and we’ve handled it manually in our TypeScript Express series. This time we look into the passport, which is the most popular Node.js authentication library. We also register users and make their passwords secure by hashing. You can find all […]