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Node.js TypeScript #1. Modules, process arguments, basics of the File System

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In this series, we go through the core concepts of Node.js. In general, in this series, we focus on the environment of Node.js and not the JavaScript itself, while having the advantages of static typing using TypeScript. It includes matters like the File System, Event Loop, and the Worker Threads. In this article, we create a […]

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Node.js TypeScript #2. The synchronous nature of the EventEmitter

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In this article, we continue going through the main concepts connected to Node.js. This time we dive into the idea of the Node.js EventEmitter. We explain its synchronous nature and how it works, which helps with understanding other Node.js features because some of them use the EventEmitter under the hood. Node.js TypeScript: EventEmitter Using events is a […]

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Node.js TypeScript #3. Explaining the Buffer

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Today we dive into another essential concept connected to Node.js: buffers. To understand them, we also explain what binary data is and why do we need character encodings. All this information is crucial when diving into other parts of Node.js, such as streams. Node.js TypeScript #3: Buffers The buffer exists in Node.js to help us manipulate binary […]

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Node.js TypeScript #5. Writable streams, pipes, and the process streams

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In this article, we continue covering streams, since they have a significant role in Node.js development. This time we focus on writable streams and pipes. To illustrate how a writable stream works we implement our simple version of a stream writing to a file. We also provide examples of streams appearing in the Node.js environment in the global process object: stdin, […]

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Node.js TypeScript #7. Creating a server and receiving requests

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In this article, we continue the Node.js series. This time we listen for requests and send responses. To do that, we again use the HTPP module from Node.js. Node.js TypeScript: Creating a server, receiving requests In the TypeScript Express tutorial, we create a REST API that listens for requests and responds accordingly. While the Express framework is […]

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Node.js TypeScript #9. The Event Loop in Node.js

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JavaScript and the Node.js environment uses the Event Loop. In this article, we explore the idea of it and go through different phases that the event loop has. Although this series aims to present the usage of Node.js with TypeScript, this time we don’t get much of a chance to do it. In this part of […]