Understanding events. Bubbling and capturing

JavaScript is a language, where events play a big role. In this article, we will talk about how they work. It includes different ways of listening to them and how they propagate. On the way we will cover some of mechanics from under the hood of JavaScript and browsers. We will also look a bit […]


Understanding memory management and the garbage collector.

In JavaScript, the memory taken by the values held by the variables is automatically freed when they are not used anymore. This is done by the garbage collector to free up space. How can we benefit from knowing how it works and therefore how to write better code? Let’s find out! Memory management In more classic […]


Cookies: explaining document.cookie and the Set-Cookie header.

In the previous article, we’ve talked about WebStorage API that you can nowadays use to store data in the browser. LocalStorage and sessionStorage were introduced in the HTML5. Does that mean that before we could not save data on the client side? Not at all – we’ve had (and still have) cookies. How to use […]


Web Storage API: localStorage and sessionStorage

Web Storage API is used to store data in the browser and was introduced in HTML5. It brought us localStorage and sessionStorage. At the first glance, they seem similar. There are some important differences between them though, which is what we will talk about today. You will learn what their use-cases are and how to […]

JavaScript Webpack

Webpack 4 course – part four. Code splitting with SplitChunksPlugin

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the Webpack 4 course

Webpack 4 brought us some changes. Among things like faster bundling, it introduced SplitChunksPlugin, which made CommonsChunksPlugin obsolete. In this article, you will learn how to split your output code to improve the performance of our application. The idea of code splitting First things first: what exactly is code splitting in webpack? It allows you […]


Diving into functions. Passing by reference is a lie!

Functions are one of the most basic features of JavaScript. Have you ever wondered how exactly do they work? After all, they are just a special kind of objects. If you are curious, dig into them with me in this article! The basics of functions Speaking practically, a function is a subprogram that can be called […]


Keeping your dependencies in order when using NPM.

Mastering your tools as a developer is a very important thing. One of them is Node Package Manager – and quite a crucial one for a JavaScript developer. Having a better understanding how dependencies work will improve your workflow greatly and help to avoid many problems both for you and your fellow developers. Today we will cover […]