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API with NestJS #36. Introduction to Stripe with React

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Nowadays, a lot of web applications accept online payments. Although this is not straightforward to implement, there are some ready-to-use solutions that we can take advantage of. In this article, we look into Stripe. It serves as a payment processing platform that does the heavy lifting for us. To implement it, we use NestJS and […]

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API with NestJS #33. Managing PostgreSQL relationships with Prisma

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As applications grow, the number of different entities also increases. A crucial part of learning how to design a database is creating relationships between them. This is because our entities will often relate to each other in some way. Relational databases such as PostgreSQL are an industry standard for quite some time now. Although there […]

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Managing date and time with PostgreSQL and TypeORM

While dealing with data, we often have to handle the date and the time. When doing so, there are quite a few things to consider. In this article, we approach various issues both from the standpoint of PostgreSQL and TypeORM. Ways to store and display date and time in PostgreSQL By default, Postgres represents dates […]

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API with NestJS #31. Two-factor authentication

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While developing our application, security should be one of our main concerns. One of the ways we can improve it is by implementing a two-factor authentication mechanism. This article goes through its principles and puts them into practice with NestJS and Google Authenticator. Adding two-factor authentication The core idea behind two-factor authentication is to confirm […]