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Demystifying generators. Implementing async/await.

Generators are a new feature introduced in ES6, and as I’ve promised in the article about async/await last week, we will cover them today. Iterators In JavaScript an iterator is an object that provides a next() method which returns the next item in the sequence. The first concept to understand here is the iterator. You might […]


Explaining async/await. Creating dummy promises.

Back in the days, we used callbacks. Then, we were blessed with promises. The journey does not stop there, though. ES7 introduced us to a new way of handling asynchronous calls: async/await. Feel free to read my other articles if you would like to know more about async in general, or callbacks and promises. The purpose […]


[1] + [2] – [3] === 9!? Looking into assembly code of coercion.

Variable values have certain types. In fact, you can cast a value of one type to the other. If you do it explicitly, it is type casting (also called explicit coercion). If it happens in the background when you are trying to perform an operation on types that do not match, it is called coercion (sometimes referred to […]


Scopes in JavaScript. Different types of variable declarations.

You can think of a scope as of a wrapper that contains all the variables and a reference to the parent scope. What does that mean and what should we watch out for when dealing with it? Let’s find out! How scopes work When we try to access a variable in our code, the interpreter […]


Prototype. The big bro behind ES6 class.

One of the great things that ES6 brought us are classes. We need to remember though, that all the work is done by prototypes under the hood. It means that ES6 classes act just as syntactic sugar. In this article, I will walk you through the basics of the prototypes, so that you can better grasp […]


Defining the undefined. A try/catch trick.

Undefined is one of the reasons for confusion and can get under the skin of a developer. But what is it exactly? Definition of undefined It is a value undefined value primitive value used when a variable has not been assigned a value Undefined is a special value that lets the programmer know that a variable […]


What is “this”? Arrow functions.

If you ever programmed in another Object Oriented language, “this” keyword in JavaScript might be very confusing for you. Bear with me, I will show you some Java code.

Here, the “this” keyword is a reference to the current object, so calling

in the constructor will assign a value to the x property of an […]


Current state of compiling TypeScript to WebAssembly

WebAssembly (wasm) is an emerging standard – the future is coming. The support in browsers is already growing – what we still need is lowering the entry barrier for us, developers. Luckily, that is soon to be changed. I want to present you with a quick overview of something, that quite struck me – compiling […]