Series: Webpack 4 course

This Webpack 4 course will introduce you to everything that you need to master in order to use Webpack freely. Starting from the basic concepts, it will walk you through things like entry points, outputs, loaders and plugins. Not only will we use existing loaders and plugins, but also write our own.

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Webpack 4 course – part three. Working with plugins

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Hello! Today we introduce the concept of plugins. They differ from loaders in a way that they can perform a wider range of tasks. Basically, they do anything else, that loaders can’t do. While loaders are tied to a certain type of files, plugins can be more generic. This time we will learn what purpose […]

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Webpack 4 course – part four. Code splitting with SplitChunksPlugin

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the Webpack 4 course

Webpack 4 brought us some changes. Among things like faster bundling, it introduced SplitChunksPlugin, which made CommonsChunksPlugin obsolete. In this article, you will learn how to split your output code to improve the performance of our application. The idea of code splitting First things first: what exactly is code splitting in webpack? It allows you […]

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Webpack 4 course – part six. Increasing development experience

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Today we will cover the development value of the mode property. It will automatically set the webpack configuration for you to make the development easier. Aside from that, we will also cover the wepback-dev-server and webpack-serve – Hot Module Replacement included. Let’s go! Webpack 4 course: a development server A one step forward to a better development experience […]