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Drag and Drop with React. Writing E2E tests using Playwright

Web applications are becoming increasingly complex. While that’s the case, we must ensure the interface is intuitive and easy to use. By allowing our users to drag and drop elements across the screen, we can simplify many tasks, such as reordering lists or grouping items. In this article, we learn how to implement the drag-and-drop […]

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JavaScript testing #16. Snapshot testing with React, Jest, and Vitest

This entry is part 16 of 18 in the JavaScript testing tutorial

Unit testing is handy for testing how our React components behave when the user interacts with them. However, this might not be enough. Besides testing the logic behind a particular component, we should also test if our user interface changes unexpectedly. We can use snapshot testing to detect unintended modifications to how our components render. Introduction to […]


React with Vite and TypeScript and its common challenges

For a long time, the Create React App environment was the most popular way of starting new React projects. It does not seem to be maintained anymore, and the new React documentation does not even mention it. Fortunately, there are alternatives. The documentation mentions solutions such as Next.js. While it is a good solution, it […]

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Introduction to Gatsby with TypeScript and GitHub Pages

When a browser opens a regular React application, it receives HTML with an empty div and a JavaScript file.

When the browser receives the above response, it runs the JavaScript file that modifies the DOM tree and creates a web page. This is a good solution for many applications but has a few drawbacks. […]


Rendering long lists using virtualization with React

When working on web applications, we often display lists of data. If the data is not particularly lengthy, we are probably okay with rendering all elements at once. However, as our data grows, we might notice performance issues. In this article, we create a simple React application that aims to render thousands of images using […]


Dynamic and recursive forms with Formik and TypeScript

Formik is a popular tool that helps us write React forms and keep their code consistent across even big projects. Besides having a fixed number of properties, we sometimes need to allow the user to shape the form to some extent and create recursive data structures. In this article, we learn how to do that […]